WeatherShields side wind deflector for Ford Ranger PX 1/2/3

Code: WS-FD-PX-1/2/3

WeatherShields are an Adventure Trucks Original

Ford Ranger PX 1/2/3 : 2011 – 2022 , 4-doors version

Set of 4 x WeatherShields, (2 x for front doors and 2x rear doors) and cleaning pad


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WeatherShields wind deflectors for Ford Ranger PX 1/2/3 : 2011 – 2022

WeatherShields wind deflectors for your Ford Ranger PX 1/2/3 are an Adventure Trucks Original. Our own brand available for almost all 4x4s and pickups.

Everybody will probably now the feeling, driving on a rainy day and you want to let some fresh air into your car. Now you can! With our WeatherShields wind deflectors.

Adventure Trucks Weathershields are designed for your specific car for a perfect fit. They let heat from inside your car escape, let fresh air into your car and help to reduce wind noise with an opened window.

WeatherShields Product Features:

  • Blacked out for minimum interior heat when parked
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Fresh air into your car on rainy days
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Easy to install

WeatherShields wind deflectors for your Ford Ranger are easy to apply, no screws or clamps, comes with strong double-sided 3M adhesive tape. Heat up the tape with a heat-gun or hairdryer before fitting to make sure the tape has its maximum adhesive strength.  Then simply peel off and press into place.

You can only buy genuine WeatherShields from an authorised dealer.

Comes complete as a set of 4 x WeatherShields, 2 x for your front doors and 2 x for your rear doors.

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Additional information

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 112 × 26 × 8 cm
HS Code