ClearView Power-Boards Toyota Land Cruiser 200

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ClearView Power-Boards for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (Lexus LX570)

Trouble getting in and out of your vehicle? Revolutionise your travel experience with Clearview Power-Boards for your Toyota Land Cruiser 200.
If your vehicle is built for off-road and has been lifted for clearance, you may find stepping in a bit of a chore. Well our Clearview Power-Boards for your Toyota Land Cruiser 200 are the answer for you.
Clearview-Power Boards are fitted under the vehicle, running along the length of the vehicle between the wheel arches on both the driver and passenger sides. Clearview-Power Boards are triggered by the vehicle’s door sensor. When the door opens, the ClearView Power-boards are activated and the magic begins! The ClearView Power-boards automatically lower 300mm to a convenient stepping height and only when the door closes will they retract back to the body of the vehicle. With 300kg load capacity, safety cut off feature and IP68 rating on the motors, accessing your vehicle is as easy as one step up.

ClearView Power-Boards Product Features:

  • Automatically adjusts stepping height of your vehicle
  • Retract automatically
  • Built to withstand hard Australian conditions
  • Easy to clean
Note: For vehicles with KDSS, the power-boards need to be adapted.

Have a look at this movie:

Here is another little movie :  ClearView Power-Boards on Mike’s awesome “Black Magic” 200 series

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