ClearView Fridge Cage- ES-100 / ES-150

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ClearView Fridge Cage- ES-100 / ES-150.

Now available from Clearview Accessories, the NEW ES-100 /ES-150 Fridge Cage! Built solid with high-grade 2.5MM laser cut aluminium, and only weighing in at only 13Kgs, this cage will fully protect your fridge or Pantry from unwanted damage when hitting the rough stuff. The Fridge cage also allows the fridge to breathe, keeping your contents nice and cold.  Images shown here are with the Clearview Easy Slide and Pantry

Dimensions:  Our Fridge Cage is designed so the width and height are adjustable to fit a variety of fridge sizes.  This Fridge Cages maximum external height is 620MM, but can be lowered to 3 pre-defined positions that are 50MM apart.  The Fridge Cage’s width can also be adjusted to 2 pre-defined widths to accommodate our ES-100 or ES-150 Easy Slides.  Technical dimensions can be found here

The Fridge Cage comes as a flat pack and can be easily assembled.  Instructions for assembling the Fridge Cage can be found here

Larger size coming out soon, so keep your eyes out on the socials for more release news!

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