ClearView “Compact” Towing Mirror Head Covers Chrome (Left & Right)

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ClearView “Compact” Towing Mirror  Head Covers Chrome:

Customize your Compact Mirrors with this Chrome Mirror Head Cover.

This item is sold as a spare part to either replace the Compact caps due to damage or wanting a new look for your vehicle if you already have caps on your Compact mirrors.  If you wish to purchase Compact mirrors, there is the option of choosing either the black textured caps or chrome caps in the checkout process.

We also sell Compact Raw caps as a spare part.  The Raw caps are designed to be painted which can be done at any third party auto paint business.  The Raw caps are only sold as a spare (optional) part for the Next Gen mirrors.

This cap is designed to be interchangeable with the Compact Mirror head only.

This item cannot be used with Clearview Next Gen Mirrors.

About Compact Towing Mirrors :

Sleeker, Smarter, Safe

It took just 4 years to bring the Compact Towing Mirror series to life. After over 13 years in the business we thought it was time to look at introducing a new style of towing mirrors.

The Compact is a smaller mirror which sits on a double slide and slides right back into the vehicle when not towing just like an OEM mirror. When you hook your van up you simply slide the mirror head out an impressive 180mm, giving the ultimate vision you need to keep you safe when towing.

Clearview Towing Mirrors are not your typical strap on mirror. No bars. No poles. Nothing running across your vehicle. They are true replacement mirrors, which means they have been purpose built to use the same holes, fittings, and wiring (when applicable) as your original mirrors for an installation so stress-free, most customers take the DIY approach. Each mirror in our extensive range has been designed, assembled, and tested on site in Melbourne to handle any of the challenges that the outback can offer. Over the past 13 years Clearview Towing Mirrors have been tested by many of our customers on every road in Australia – from Cape York’s Telegraph Track to the Gibb River Road. They are built tough for Australian conditions, which means minimal vibration when travelling at high speeds or on corrugated roads.

Have a look here how to install the mirror caps on your Compact Mirrors:


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