ClearView Spare Part Bearing Runners Pair for Easy Slide ES-220

Code: ES-BRUNNER-220

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Bearing Runners Pair for Easy Slide ES-220

These bearing runners are a replacement item for the ES-220 Easy Slide.  The bearing runner kits come with 2 bearing runners with the safety latches attached and all the replacement screws.   Double Lock Rail – 965mm + 120mm Heavy Duty

If you require bearing runners for the ES-100 / ES-220, we sell them as a separate item being that they are shorter than the ES-220

The bearing runners can not be purchased individually, we only sell them as a kit, coming with both the left and right bearing runners.

THESE BEARING RUNNERS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE CLEARVIEW EXPANDA OR EXPANDA XL.  Please contact us if you require bearing runners or safety latches for the Expanda.

Instructions on how to replace the bearing runners and safety latch can be found here.