All 4 Adventure CampBoss4x4 Premium Adventure Recovery System

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All 4 Adventure CampBoss4x4 Premium Adventure Recovery System

Featuring the latest innovations in 4×4 recovery technology, this kit has all the essentials for the serious outdoor enthusiast. With a focus on safety, you will be able to winch or recover yourself out of the stickiest situations and get your adventure back on track!


1 x Kinetic Recovery Rope: 22mm, 9m, 14,000kg
1 x Winch Extension Rope: 11mm, 12-strand, 15m, 10,000kg
2 x Soft Shackles: 14,000kg
1 x Tree Protector: 3m, 10,000kg
1 x Recovery Blanket
1 x Pair Heavy-Duty Gloves
1 x Premium Carry Bag

Minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between two and three times the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of any vehicle with which it is used.

All 4 Adventure CampBoss4x4 Premium Advantage:

Featuring three key components that eliminate the risk associated with traditional recovery kits.

Kinetic Recovery Rope: Lightweight and incorporates up to 30% stretch. Stretch of the rope stores the kinetic energy which assists in smoother recovery of bogged vehicles: decreased shock on recovery points and enables superior performance in low-traction situations. 50% kinetic advantage over a snatch strap.

Winch Extrension Rope: Low elongation, minimal stretch and extremely lightweight (1.3kg); floats on water.

Soft Shackles: Extremely versatile, easy to use and lightweight (360g); eliminates the risk of traditional metal shackles; floats on water.

Safety: No steel components
Safety: Risk elimination technology
Lightweight and compact
50% kinetic advantage over snatch strap


• 100% nylon
• 14,000kg minimum breaking strength
• Double braided
• UV and abrasion resistant
• Chemical resistant


• Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre
• 10,000kg minimum breaking strength
• 12-strand weave
• UV and abrasion resistant
• Chemical resistant
• Floats on water


• Maximum strength-to-weight ratio
• 14,000kg minimum breaking strength
• Low elongation minimal stretch
• No damage to vehicle and paint
• Floats on water
• Water and UV resistant


• 100% polyester
• 10,000kg minimum breaking strength
• Flat weave
• UV and abrasion resistant
• Chemical resistant

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