All 4 Adventure Tyre Repair Kit CampBoss 4×4

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All 4 Adventure Tyre Repair Kit CampBoss 4×4

Even the best off-road tyres can be punctured. And for this reason, Jase never leaves home without his tyre repair kit. The Aussie bush is no place to be stranded with flat tyres, and the good news is that it’s easy to avoid. The CampBoss Tyre Repair Kit offers a lightweight, inexpensive and compact kit that will get you back on the road in minutes!


  • T-handle spiral probe: The reamer is used to probe the puncture, clear away any remaining debris and temporarily separate the tyre’s steel belts without damage, helping to smooth the way for the repair cords/plugs.
  • T-handle insert tool: Used to insert the repair cord into the hole.
  • Tyre repair plug lubricant: For use on the reamer to ease its way into the puncture.
  • Repair cords: Thick strings of spongy cord that are inserted into the puncture to fill the hole and make the tyre temporarily safe to drive on.
  • Insert needle
  • Accessory kit: Includes Black plastic caps, valve extenders, chrome hex caps, tyre valve cores, hex keys and an item to trim the repair cords.
  • 4-in-1 tyre repair tool
  • Pliers: Used to remove the cause of the puncture.

WATCH: Jase takes a closer look at the Tyre Repair Kit!

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