Unimog U1300 435.115 "Obelix" ***SOLD***

Unimog U1330 ex German army truckUnimog overland campervan


This Unimog was a former German army truck. Nickname "Obelix"

It has a OM352 6 cylinder 5.7 liter diesel engine that produces 130 HP.

The truck was bought by us with only 10.000 km on the odo.

We have installed a splitter gearbox to reduce the revs at 85 km/h.

The living unit was build from a steel cage with plywood and a aluminium top layer.

It has a Webasto 5kW waterheater for heating the interior and the 20 ltr water boiler.

120 ltr freshwater, 35 ltr waste water, chemical toilet , shower, 12 to 220 volt converter , fridge and a fold down bed which is ready to use when folded down.

The Unimog has been sold and made it first journey with it's new owner to the south of Germany.

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Unimog U1300 overland truck interior unimog overland truck kitchen unimog overland truck bathroom
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