Trucks for sale

Man Meccanica Grand Erg Tibesti ***SOLD***

This remarkable expedition truck is sold !      

This remarkable expedition truck is built in 1982 and has proven itself during it's life as a travel truck.

Designed by Vittorio Parine and Nino Cirani , two experienced travelers and that has resulted in this compact yet very spacious truck.

This adventure truck will definetly bring a smile to your face as driving it is so much fun and when you are inside the living space you keep astonishing yourself how spacious it is. 

With 6 seats and 5(possible) beds it is a nice family truck. 

The truck is completely refurbished by us with new waterpipes, electrics and upholstery.

For more info and price please send us an email : info Grand Erg Tibesti


Adventure Truck: Mercedes Benz Vario 814DA 4x4 ***SOLD***

Our latest project truck is now SOLD! If you are looking for a similar truck please contact us.

This is a rare opportunity to buy a Mercedes Benz Vario 814da with only 96.000 km.

The truck not only looks brand new but feels and drives like new as well.

Mercedes Benz Vario 4x4 for sale

Unimog U2150L38 ***SOLD***

This unique 1994 Unimog U2150L38 is  SOLD !!!!Unimog U 2150 L 38, unimog 4x4,  unimog expedition truck, unimog adventure truck