Mercedes Benz 1222AF Overland Truck

Our demo truck is ready to go .          mercedes benz 1017a 1019a 1722ak 1922ak 1222af                    


Our demo truck started his working life as a "rust und geratewagen" with the fire department of the city of Heidenheim in Germany.

After 28 years and 28.000 km on the odo it retired . That is when we bought it.

It is a Mercedes Benz NG80 1222AF , which means it is "born" as a 12 ton 220 HP All wheel drive Firetruck.

We have now converted it with our Transfer case conversion kit to a 4x2 truck with selectable 4x4.

After removing the fire truck box , and removing all the redundant fire truck "accessories" like 4 wheel parking brake system , winch , 380 volts 20 KW generator , remote clutch control and kilometers of wiring it was ready to be rebuild.

Subframe was made and painted with special truck frame coat which is very flexible paint.

The crawl thru in the cab was made and the bumpers and fenders were powder coated.

The waste water (heated) tank was made from stainless steel and placed within the frame of the truck.

The living unit is ready to be placed so it will look like a real truck again.

Today we mounted the living unit.

The windows are in place and we have started working on the interior .

The truck has been approved by the dutch RDW for use as a campervan.

The truck is now spray painted (Reindeer Brown) and the interior is finished.

Fully functional at the moment but we need to get some details done the coming months.

Below is a photo dairy of the Adventure Trucks demo truck.

Fire-truck-heidenheim mercedes benz 1222af firetruck heidenheim florrplan demo truck adventure trucks
technical drawing expedition truck Mercedes Benz 1222af overland truck being built Mercedes Benz 1222af overland truck
sub frame painted Mercedes Benz 1222 af overland truck crawl thru Mercedes Benz 1222af overland truck black bumpers
waste water tank heated camperopbouw truck living unit truck overland truck expedition truck wohnmobil womo
mercedes benz expedition truck living unit left mercedes benz expedition truck living unit front mercedes benz expedition truck living unit left side
Dometic seitz s4 windows overland expedition truck crawl thru overland expedition truck interior
dometic seits s4 window frames dometic seitz s4 window kitchen mercedes benz 1017a 1222af expedition truck wohnmobil
Mercedes benz expedition truck expedition truck mercedes benz truco interior
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