Free Camping in Europe


Free camping in Europe


There is nothing better then parking your truck in a nice secluded spot

and enjoy the scenery. campsite at sea greece



As it is not always obvious if you can overnight and/or camp free in a country we have done some research .


We have tried to be as thorough as possible , but no rights can be claimed from this article. 

You must always pay attention to local restrictions and laws.




Stay overnight Camping
Germany Yes No
Belgium Yes *1 No
Bulgary No No
Denmark No No
Estonia Yes *2 Yes *2
Finland No No
France No *3 No *3
Greece No No
Great Brittain No *3 No
Hungary No No
Ireland Yes *4 Yes *4
Italy Yes *5 No
Croatia No No
Latvia Yes *2 Yes *2
Lithuania Yes *2 Yes *2
Luxembourg No No
Macedonia No No
Netherlands No *3 No *3
Norway Yes *6 Yes *6
Austria No No
Poland No No
Portugal No No
Rumenia No No
Russia No No
Sweden Yes *6 Yes *6
Swiss No *7 No
Servia No No
Slowakia No No
Slovenia No No
Spain Yes Yes *8
Tjechia No No
Turkey Yes Yes





*1 : Max 24 hours allowed 

*2 : Not in urban areas. Near a farm only with permission of the farmer

*3 : Except when locally allowed

*4 : Not on the beach and along a street

*5 : In urban areas you are not allowed to put anything in front of the camper

*6 : Not on farmland and less then 150 meters from a house

*7 : In some places allowed

*8 : Not on beaches, urban areas and near official campsites (1000 meter). No more then three nights and/or more        then ten people in one place.


Furthermore don't leave any "evidence" of your stay. Take your garbage, waste water and so with you and get rid of it on a designated place.


Free camping with a overland truck
Although free camping is not allowed in Greece we never experienced any difficulty


We have also made a list with more then 38.000 gps points of free campsites and official campings in

Europe. (CSV file)

If you would like to have the list please contact us thru the contact form , please state your name and your vehicle  and we will send you the file by email.